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Policies and Objectives:

1. To encourage members to be willing to serve the society

2. To promote the good relationship among members which will contribute to the social-service mind

3. To encourage members to be aware of the community’s welfare, and to cooperate with other organizations in developing the nation’s economy and the society

4. To instill the ethical values into female managers of the same field of work and of other organizations


A. Ongoing Projects’ Plans

1. “Zonta Village” Project or “Zonta Village Ratchaburi” The plan focuses on the marketing strategies and aims to increase the sales.

1.1. Develop a brand logo in order to create brand awareness and to make the products more recognizable.

1.2. Create product packaging to build attractiveness and to create more product values.

1.3. Increase the distribution channels; renting kiosk at department stores or displaying the products in booths at certain events, for instance.


2. “Zonta Kindergarten” Projects at Din-Daeng and Bung Kum Districts

2.1. Increase the teachers’ potentiality by conducting short training sessions for knowledge and skills developments and a wider perspective.

2.2. Improve the cafeteria so it meets the sanitation standards, for example, the cleanness of the cafeteria and the food containers.

2.3. Promote sport activities by, for instance, building/improving sport fields or donating sport equipments.

2.4. Promote musical activities by, for instance, donating musical instruments or promoting singing and dancing activities.

2.5. Encourage students to love reading along with building libraries for children and people in the area; cargo containers are planned to be used to build libraries.

2.6. Promote the knowledge in computer technology to practice learning and thinking through computer systems by donating computers and installing software programs designed for enhancing learning experience.

2.7. Instill Dharma (Buddhist teachings) in children, for example; Dharma teaching form monks and meditation practices.


B. Conduct new projects

1. Open a women and children’s occupations promotion center: The aim is to create jobs and incomes in the community. The first center may be established in Samut Prakan Province as an initiative center.

1.1. Training courses, for example: - Food and dessert cooking course (3-6 months length): The course involves utilizing the main food and ingredients found in each province (for example, the salid- fish (Snakeskin gourami), which is popular in Samut Prakarn province) to cook food to sell. This is also considered as a way to distribute the incomes in the community. - Ancient Thai massage / foot massage course (3-6 months length) - Manicure / pedicure and nails painting course (3-6 months length) - Every course will include skills in selling and basic accounting trainings, so the participants can conduct their own business for real.

1.2. After the training courses are complete, evaluations will be implemented to consider issuing certificates.

1.3. Those who go through the ultimate evaluation will be given the basic equipments necessary for starting a job career.

1.4. Those who completed the training course and started their own career will be followed up and evaluated for further development for the next generations attending the training course.


C. Increase the membership by 30% The membership is aimed to be increased by 30%, in order for the organization to be stronger and comprises of experts in various fields, which would contribute to each sector in creating a firm and concrete organization.


D. Funding

1. To fund the mentioned projects so that they become visibly concrete

2. To support the Zonta International Foundation

2.1. America Earhart day, January 11

2.2. Rose day, March 8

2.3. International day of Peace, September 21

2.4. UN day, October 24 2.5. ZI birthday, November 8


Funding Process

1. Publish book on Thai-cloth fashion on Mother’s Day with a well-known magazine

2. Produce and distribute souvenirs, such as pins, T-shirts and jackets

3. Host Gala Dinners / concerts

4. Host seminars on laws related to women

5. Study, inspect foreign work process and visit factories where female labors are hired


E. Host internal activities to promote good relationship and unity

1. Environmental – mangrove trees growing, inventions from left-over materials

2. Personalities development for future leadership – lectures on personalities and attitudes, arts of public speaking training or image-establishing speech

3. Ethical and virtuous values development – Dharma teaching from monks or meditation practices

4. Enhancing knowledge about health, family foundation – providing consultations for women

5. Additional activities – for example, short training courses on Thai dessert cooking, carving (1-2 hours)

6. Christmas / New Year celebrations

7. Traditional Songkran Day ceremony


F. Advertisement/Publication

1. Create a website for Zonta Bangkok 1 (

2. Create a Facebook page to communicate online with women who are interested in working for social-service

3. Issue a periodical annually to inform and collect information on the past activities for the members

4. Publish the Zonta activities information in newspaper and magazines