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Texthead bangkok2Vocational Training Center Project

Zonta International of Bangkok 1

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          Flats of Huai Khwang Community Housing are a large community inhabited by a lot of population with growth rate tendency of people in the community on the increase continuously. Currently, only in the area of Huai Khwang Community Housing Flats, due to residential mobility and expansion, therefore, each family is required to increase workforce to have sufficient income for the cost of living in each family. Zonta International Club of Bangkok 1 realizes that vocational training promotion plays a part in making people have expertise on various occupations in the short term and increasing income to the family.


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        Therefore, Vocational Training Center of Zonta International of Bangkok 1 has been opened up on December 9, 2011 to provide vocational training for women and poor people as well as interested persons and nearby area. The arrangement of vocational training is intended for professional development for women, children, youth, disadvantaged people and the general public to cause learning and development, promotion of women to be recognized. It also reduces the gap in the society due to present economic conditions with high cost of living, resulting in less revenue than expenditure.  Therefore, there is a need for adjustment to be balanced with revenue. As a result, the Vocational Training Center has organized vocational training to generate income for themselves and family.  This lightens various burdens of family head. The professional training depends on learners and courses.  Sometimes, learning time may be flexible.


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        Instruction at each time includes teaching contents that cover the substance contained in the vocational instruction course. The program is open for interested people to learn vocational skills.
- Dressmaking Profession
- Fancy Balloons Profession
- Batik Cloth Profession
- Fancy Candle Occupation
- Gossamer Flower Occupation
- Glass Painting Occupation
- Gift Occupation
- Picture Frame Profession
- Camphor Doll Profession
- Paper Mache Profession
- Wickerwork Profession
- Haircut Profession and others


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